On the occasion of the Day of the Museum, 6 November, like every year since its founding in 1950, the Museum of Applied Arts has this year also organized a representative study sxhibition which, with the accopanying study in the catalogue, opens a new chapter or renders a contribution to research in the field of applied arts in our country.

This year we present with great pleasure the exhibition "The Impossible - The Art of Surrealism", whose author is Milanka Todic, Ph.D. Our pleasure is even greater because Mrs. Milanka Todic, today a professor at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, comes from our mids. While in charge of the Department of Paper in the Museum of Applied Arts she took a keen interest in the collection of photographs to become, after studying it throughly, one of the leading experts and authorities in this area. Nikola Vuco's collection of photographs, currently in the possession of Museum, thus constitues the mainstay of the exhibition. The exhibition also follows the artistic activity of other representatives of the Belgrade group of Surrealists, such as A. Vuco, D. Matic, M. Ristic, Dj.Jovanovic, V. Zivadinovic - Bor, R. Zivanovic - Noe, K. Popovic, and others. The Belgrade public will also have an opportunity to see, for the first time, their photograms, sketches, collages and objects. The sudy accompanying the exhibition provides new data on the work of the Belgrade Surrealists and their avantgarde heritage.

With this exhibition and her study, Milanka Todic, Ph.D. will have written "the first complete history of this important phenomenon" in our 20th century art. In addition to the catalogue, the exibition is also accompanied by a reprint of the surrealist publications - the almanac "The impossible - L'imossible" from 1930 and the magazine "Surrealism Here and Now" from 1931 - 1932. It is interesting that the exhibition of Serbian Surrealism is Being staged, spontaneously, shortly after the major exhibitions of Surrealist art organized in the world, (London, New York, Paris), just like Serbian Surrealism emerged soon after the establishment of Surrealism in France, with which it had close spiritual links. However, "in both its literary and in its visual component Belgrade Surrealism possesses sufficient autonomy and originality to make it a phenomenon of European importance and one of the most European phenomena in the whole complex of 20th century Serbian culture". Speaking about Surrealism, we could come to believe that there is some "secret link" which always seems to connect creative and intellectual paths in Europe and in our milleu.

Finally, expressing its great pleasure at having participated in the execution of the entire project, the Museum of Applied Arts wishes to express its gratitude to the author of the exhibition and the catalogue, Mrs. Milanka Todic, for her professional and friendly cooperation. The Museum and author wish to thank Jelena Jovanovic, Professor Aleksandar Kostic, Jelena Vuco, Ph.D., Vladimir Macura, Milos Jurisic, Brana Tomic, Gordana Radojcic - Kostic, Monika Feber, Anemarie Türk, Miodrag B. Protic, Professor Aleksandar Grubic, Professor Dejan Milovanovic, Professor Branko Aleksic and Vojislav Voja Mitrovic for their invaluable assistance.

The project would not have been so successfully accomplished without the cooperation of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the SANU Library and Archives, the "Svetozar Markovic" University Library, the Center for Contemporary Art, Belgrade, and the support of Jovan Despotovic and the Ministry of Culture and Public Information of the Republic Serbia.

Ivanka Zoric, director